Ille hic est Raphael timuit quo sospite vinci rerum magna parens et moriente mori.

Qui è quel Raffaello da cui, fin che visse, Madre Natura temette di essere superata, e quando morì temette di morire con lui.

Who I Am

I’m Lorenzo Tognalini, i’m graduate in Computer Science Engineering and I’m currently attending a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

This website is my personal digital lab. A whole section is dedicated to my photography vocation, under Gallery (it’s actually just an excerpt of my flickr account). Main part of website is a list of, hopefully handy, coding ( and not only ) articles.

I’m engaged as web developer in the spare times, so you can often expect to find portfolio stuff and weird experiments.

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What I Do

Software Developer in a wide variety of applications. Particularly interested in Artificial Intelligence fields, focusing on neuro physiology replication, Artificial Life and computational neuroscience.

Always interested in AI for games.

Occasionally engaged as web/mobile/desktop developer.

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